Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Red Sales, Burger Express and Brush Seller

"Red Sales" :- A simple capture and image with no frills. This was the minimal TOPSHOP window display photographed late at night along Western Road in Brighton, England. I loved the starkness of it all and the colour spill onto the pavement. I got several funny looks from passers by who were obviously wondering why i was photographing such a mundane thing. One cyclist didn't see me at all and just managed to avoid me at the last second ... that'll teach him to ride around with his head in the clouds. "Look where you're going mate!"

"Burger Express" :- A shot on Eastbourne Pier with the Eastern side of the town and coastline drifting off out of shot. The old wooden structure of the amusement hall (amusingly called an "Entertainment Center") has a burger bar at the end and in all the time I wa setting up the shot and waiting for a clear moment to shoot I saw nobody go in and nobody come out. It's doors flung open as if begging someone to enter. The fish and chip restaurant further up the pier was full of pensioners and as I was heading on my way back to the promenade it dawned on me that I was the youngest one on the pier. It made me smile.

"Brush Seller" :- I was wandering around the city of Chiang Mai when I spotted this Thai woman walking up Sinharat Road Lane 2 carrying her brushes that were for sale. I managed to set up and then wait for her enter the sunlit area and took my shot. I like the natural feel of this image. You can feel the heat of the sun and weariness of the Thai woman as she goes up and down each road trying to drum up some business.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill