Friday, 30 August 2013

Refreshments, Corridor and Sugarcane Longhorn Beetle

"Refreshments" :- A lone kiosk selling snacks and drinks sits on the beach along Eastbourne seafront in Sussex in England. A gull stands on the roof knowing that when there's food about there's scavenging to be had. In the background to the left Eastbourne's majestic old pier (opened on 13th June 1870) bathes in the sea and reflects in the calm water of the English Channel.

"Corridor" :- A moody interior shot of a corridor inside what was St Albans Church on the corner of Coombe Rd and Buller Rd in Brighton, England. The last service there was back in June 2006. If you visit the location now all you will find is a big space as it has been demolished over the last week or so in order for new accommodation to be built in its place. I was lucky enough to get permission to go inside with a few others and photograph it before it vanished altogether.

"Sugarcane Longhorn Beetle" :- This fellow was a monster. I discovered it crawling around on one of our large bamboo plants in the yard at the front of the house up in the mountains of northern Thailand in a region called Omkoi in the province of Chiang Mai. I grabbed my camera and ended up watching it for 10 minutes or more before actually grabbing the shot. I was fascinated by its delicate feet and spindly legs. The pincers at the front looked as though they could do some damage and it was a heavily armoured but beautiful creature.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill