Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Samlor, Take My Breath Away and Garden of Remembrance

"Samlor" :- In the Kingdom of Thailand any three wheeled vehicle is called a Samlor (Thai: สามล้อ). When translated the name literally means "three wheels". This is a traditional Samlor that I spotted parked in Ratpakinai Road in the city of Chiang Mai. I am sorry to say that they are slowly disappearing and dying out. Sometimes (if you're lucky) you'll spot one up some road with an old weary and leathery looking Thai gent peddling up front usually with an old Thai woman and lots of shopping bags piled up in the back. The motorised samlor in Thailand goes by it's nickname of Tuk-Tuk to save confusion.

"Take My Breath Away" :- The West Pier in Brighton (UK) was opened in 1866 and was finally closed to the public in 1975. She's supposedly awaiting renovation but has endured a couple of fires and all that is left of her now is the main iron frame of what was once a very grand Victorian Theatre. She is is one of only two Grade I listed piers in the UK. This image was shot of her during a dramatic sunset on the 28th November 2012.

"Garden of Remembrance" :- This is the remembrance garden that's just to the side of the main graveyard in the grounds of St Margaret's Church in the village of Rottingdean, Brighton. It's a very quiet and peaceful place, very relaxing and calming. The hot weather and lack of wind created a stillness that was quite odd. I had taken a stroll around as I was actually looking for the final resting place of the rock and blues guitarist Gary Moore who's buried here. I had seen him play in concert before and had also met him on several occasions as he lived in Brighton and I wanted to drop by and pay my respects to him. I eventually found where he was and sat with him for a while.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill