Monday, 5 August 2013

Telscombe Dew Pond, Everything Stops Here and The Scale of it All

"Telscombe Dew Pond" :- Obviously by the title of this image you can tell that it's a capture of the dew pond at Telscombe on the south coast of England. A long time ago the pond was relined but over the years the liner ended up being exposed and worn and the dew pond ended up drying up completely. The historic dew pond has since been repaired and is the only natural source of water in that area so it's an important part of the ecology of the downs.

"Everything Stops Here" :- An old fishing boat and stone hut sit semi silhouetted on Brighton beach (England). A thick and heavy sea mist forms the background making it impossible to see any sign of the huge expanse of water that is the English Channel. Just in front of the hut you can make out some of metal gears that used to winch the boats up the shore.

"The Scale of it All" :- Here's a view captured from beneath the famous Victorian Terrace that runs along Madeira Drive on Brighton seafront, England. I usually try to avoid getting objects like cars or people in my shots but on this occasion I thought it would be great to include them to give you a sense of scale regarding the iron arches. The terrace and iron work as well as the Madeira Lift and Hall (located at the vanishing point of this shot) were all constructed, finished and opened in 1890. The terrace itself is 2,837 feet long from the Aquarium to Duke's Mound and is 25 feet wide and is now listed as being of special architectural interest. The iron work is exquisite and the entire construction is a testament to Victorian engineering as it's stood there for 122 years in all weathers and is still as strong as ever. If you look carefully, right in the middle of this shot you can make out two adult figures walking away which once again make you realise the scale of the terrace and the Victorians grand plan.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill