Thursday, 29 August 2013

Thanks For the Memory, Curved and Chalk Peak

"Thanks For the Memory" :- This is the GRAND OCEAN in Saltdean on the south coast of England. and it has a varied and fascinating history. Originally designed by Richard Jones the "Ocean Hotel" opened it's doors in 1938. Once it was known as 'the honeymoon hotel' and its gardens were designed to echo the bows of the Queen Mary. During WWII it was taken over by the Auxiliary Fire Service and later became a fire service college. In 1952 it was signed over to Billy Butlin and it became the flagship for the Butlin's holiday camp chain within the UK. A few years ago the building was converted into luxury apartments and much like many other structures in and around Sussex is Grade II listed.

"Curved" :- An image captured from the mighty Eastern arm of Brighton Marina on the Sussex coastline of England. Some see the marina as an impressive feat of engineering (which it is) others see it as a blight on the seascape (which it is) as it now sits where sea life was rich and there were rock pools. I see it more as man's futile attempt to forever try and hold things back. The elements on our planet will always win, we may appear to succeed from time to time but in the long run nature will claim it all back again and rule the roost.

"Chalk Peak" :- A set of long wooden steps provide access to a relatively secluded beach at the seaside town of Eastbourne. I'd walked all along the promenade and then had clambered over various rocks, wooden breakwaters and general obstacles to see how far down the beach I could get. I knew I'd have to stop at some point as the beach runs out as the mighty chalk cliffs at Beachy Head then take over and head heavenwards rising to a staggering 162 metres (531 ft) above sea level. It was only when I reached this point that I discovered the steps. I have no idea where they lead to as I was short on time and didn't have enough spare minutes to explore before I had to retrace my way over the various rocks, wooden breakwaters and general obstacles in order to get back to the car!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill