Monday, 19 August 2013

Time and Tide, Ad Infinitum and Under Worthing Pier

"Time and Tide" :- Late afternoon on the beach at Cuckmere Haven in Sussex, England. The tide was low and had exposed the rippled sand along with huge clumps of reddish brown seaweed. Everything was wet and glistening in the sunlight. Nothing stirred on the horizon, no buildings or structures were jutting up, just a vast expanse of water with some clouds drifting about above. There was no indication of a spherical world, nothing to tell you that we were standing on a giant ball of rock hanging in space. Just a flat planet sprawled out before me...

"Ad Infinitum" :- Dead straight railway lines rip through the Sussex countryside and head on their way towards London (England). The industrial revolution of the 1800's opened up Britain with its extensive criss crossing of railways lines all over the country. The London to Brighton line is (approx) 50 miles (80 km) in length and is a standard gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) . The line was actually opened in two stages, the first being on 12 July 1841 (Norwood Junction, London (L&CR) to Haywards Heath) and the second on 21 September 1841 (Haywards Heath to Brighton). The section of track you are looking at in this image is the second Haywards Heath to Brighton stage.

"Under Worthing Pier" :- I couldn't believe my luck when I ventured onto Worthing beach on the south coast of England and discovered that sea had all but vanished due to a ridiculously low tide. I was able to walk the length of the Art Deco pier from underneath, down on the sand. She sat there like some huge spaceship that had landed on spindly legs and looked so out of place without the salt water sloshing about around her. It was another surreal moment and thankfully I was there to capture it.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill