Friday, 23 August 2013

Victorian Bar, Sea of Light and Khon Masks

"Victorian Bar" :- Brighton (UK) has so many pubs , bars and inns. It's impossible to walk more than a couple of minutes in any direction without stumbling upon one, in fact there are now (approximately) 900 pubs in Brighton. One of the pubs that I love is The Quadrant. It's a relatively small little bar situated on the corner of Air Street and Queens Road. It started off life as the Quadrant Hotel in 1864 and has been serving alcohol pretty much ever since. It's yet another brighton building that has been listed Grade II by English Heritage. It's still got a very Victorian look and feel about it, especially at night when the bar is lit. You can read more about the Quadrant, it's history and interior in this blog by David Muggleton :- The Quadrant, Brighton

"Sea of Light" :- If some things went missing or disappeared overnight in Brighton I wouldn't miss them at all ... but then there are some things that are Brighton and without them I have a feeling the town and seaside resort would die very quickly. The pier is one of those very things. It started off life when it opened in May 1899 and has endured storms, tides, fires, bomb scares, alterations, makeovers, refits and name changes within it's lifetime. I grew up (like many other Brighton residents) knowing it as the "Palace Pier" but in 2000 its owners (the Noble Organisation) informally renamed it the "Brighton Pier". I don't really mind what they call it, the name is immaterial as it's the pier that I love and adore and not what it goes by. Shakespeare was right when he wrote "What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet". She's appeared in many films and has played host to many celebrities as well as rock and film stars. She's an integral and important part of where I grew up. She's like family.

"Khon Masks" :- Colourful and vibrant Thailand. This was part of the Annual Chiang Mai Flower Festival parade which is held the first weekend of each and every February. Khon (Thai: โขน) is a genre of dance drama from Thailand. The masks worn as part of the costume are fearful looking demons and ogres, brightly painted and full of life. In Bangkok various communities still practice their traditional crafts which include the production of khon masks. I have a few miniature Khon masks set on individual stands that I brought back from Thailand.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill