Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Warorot Market, A New Day and Garden Light

"Warorot Market" :- Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand is famous for it's Lanna arts and crafts, flowers and slightly cooler climate. Most of the tourist that visit the city end up buying their presents, trinkets and souvenirs from the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar on on the Chan Klan road and will often go away thinking they've got a bargain when they've actually paid inflated tourist prices. If you want a real Thai shopping experience you have to head to Warorot Market which is just a 2 minute walk north away from the Night Bazaar and alongside the Ping River. The market opens daily early in the morning and is a hive of activity until it closes after dark. It's one of the places where the local Thai's do their own shopping, so you will see the same goods you'd see elsewhere but cheaper and more importantly they are usually of better quality. You will also find a lot of goods here that you will not find in the tourist markets like the Night Bazaar and all items are really cheap. Nearby Warorot Market you'll also discover Hill Tribe and Northern Thai handicraft product stalls and shops with various textiles outlets for things like silk and hemp dotted along the side streets and back roads. It's off the tourist map and therefore the real Thai shopping experience. Did I mention it's also cheaper?

"A New Day" :- Most (if not all) artists and photographers need a muse and I am no exception. My muse is not a person though and to be honest it's more than one thing too. Brighton is famous for many things and having shunned the touristy side due to being born in the seaside resort I'd turned my back on them all for many years. Now I am older (not necessarily wiser though) and my eyes have been opened via my camera I have rediscovered my place of birth and most of it's iconic and famous attractions have become integral to many of my images ... they have in turn become my muses. The Brighton Pier (formerly the Palace Pier) opened in May 1899 and she's a subject that i return to time and time again. She looks different each and every time depending on the tides, weather and the time of year. This image of her was captured over a year ago on the morning of 7th July 2012.

"Garden Light" :- I often wonder just how Brighton used to look before the town planners took their brains out and allowed things to be built pretty much anywhere. This image was captured at the back of the Royal Pavilion and within the Pavilion Gardens. Behind me (out of shot) is the Pavilion itself (a former Royal Palace to the Prince Regent who went on to become George IV in 1820) and to the right (out of shot) is he famous Dome Concert Hall which was formerly the Royal Riding Stables. The gardens are flanked on the southern side by rather ugly modern blocks that overlook the majesty of the palace, the western side borders New Road (now pedestrianised) where the Theatre Royal (opened 27 June 1807) is situated. I suppose we have to be thankful that the gardens only have modern ugliness on one side, to be honest I think it's a miracle that they weren't sold off, concreted over and turned into more eyesores of modernism. If you ever find yourselves in Brighton on the south coast of England, try and find your way to the Pavilion Gardens, situate yourself on the grass and imagine what it all looked like back in the 1800's ... it's not that difficult as three quarters of it have hardly changed at all!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill