Thursday, 1 August 2013

Where Do We Go From Here, Eastbourne Town Center and Light Step

"Where Do We Go From Here" :- This small jetty can be found jutting out into the River Ouse in the village of Piddinghoe, Sussex, England. I was fascinated by the landing stage as I'd not seen one before with a 'closed off' end quite like this. Obviously I had to capture his image because of the rustic red metal, lush green grasses and the blues of the sky and the water.

"Eastbourne Town Center :- The joys of 'modern' design. During the 60's and 70's there was a huge spate of urban planning in virtually every town and city in the UK. Unfortunately a lot of the towns and cities have retained those designs which means now they are not only seriously out of date but also eyesores and concrete wind tunnels. Eastbourne town center on the south coast of England is a prime example. It's hardly changed since it's square, grey, block like shopping area was built. It's a pretty bleak place and its ugly design jarres against the seafront which consists almost entirely of elegant Victorian hotels. Town planners invariably get things right so what you end up with is an amalgamation of badly thought out, badly conceived and badly designed ideas all coming together over several decades resulting in a town center that's not entirely desirable. I'm not picking on Eastbourne or singling it out here (most towns fit the description and have ended up like it for the same reasons), it's just that my image of Eastbourne Town Center here merely exemplifies the legacy that was left behind.

"Light Step" :- A flight of sundrenched steps lead up and out of a pedestrian subway on Kings Road on Brighton seafront, England. The subway connects the lower beach esplanade near the ru9ns of the West Pier to the upper promenade and elegant Regency Square. The subway (like all underground walkways) is an assault on the senses with it's dark corners, echoing sounds and pungent odours.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill