Wednesday, 28 August 2013

White Giant, On the Boards and Summer Blues

"White Giant" :- Millions of years in its creation, this white chalk cliff is where the lands stops and the sea takes over. This was captured on the beach at Saltdean on the south coast of England. From Dover in the East to Land's End in the West the cliffs thunder along forming some dramatic scenery and breathtaking views.

"On the Boards" :- A late night walk along Brighton Pier is a must for anyone visiting the famous seaside resort of Brighton in the UK. It's a hive of activity in the summer evenings with sights , sounds and the smells of fish & chips and sweet candy. It's 524 metres (1,719 ft) in length from beginning to end. Once you you're as far as you can go you get the added delight of walking back towards the promenade end and catching the wide view of Brighton all lit up and reflecting in the sea. It's a most wonderful sight and one that I never tire of.

"Summer Blues" :- This is an image of a small window display and a space to let captured down at Brighton Marina on the south coast of England. It was the lighting and the colours that made me stop and look. I thought it may make an interesting image so shot it quickly before moving on. It was only when I started to process it that I realised just how visually striking the image actually was. Not sure how the potted plant feels about being bathed in blue neon light all the time though.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill