Monday, 30 September 2013


Well folks once again I am about to embark on a seriously arduous drive as I work my way through Europe and down into Romania & Bucharest. Obviously I'll be away for (approx) one week so once again my images will be absent from your stream and G+. I will however be taking my camera with me and with any luck will have a few more shots to process when I get back. I am still processing the lot from the last trip so you'll have to bide with me and be patient! Take care whilst I am away and above all have fun. See ya...

Sunday, 29 September 2013

St. Anthony of Padua, Glynde Forge and Mamaia Beach

"St. Anthony of Padua" :- This is the interior of the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saint Anthony of Padua in Arad which is the third largest city in the western part of Romania. The cathedral's construction commenced in 1902 and was completed in 1904 (Tabacovics Emil was the architect). The services and ceremonies in the Cathedral are held in the 3 languages of Hungarian, Romanian and German. I captured the shot on the 21st September 2013 on my way down to the coastal resort of Constanta.

"Glynde Forge" :- This is Glynde Forge, a traditional blacksmiths located Glynde village, East Sussex (England) that's run by T. Tyhurst & Son. They make a vast range of items that include curtain rods, weathervanes, gates and mill wheels (metal repairs and restoration is their speciality).

"Mamaia Beach" :- Mamaia is a resort in the district of Constanța on the Romanian Black Sea shore. Mamaia is thought to be Romania's most popular resort and is populated mainly during the summer wand has very few full-time residents. Mamaia is situated on a strip of land 8 km (5.0 mi) in length and only 300 m (328 yards) in width, between the Black Sea and Lake Siutghiol. The water and rolling waves that you see in this image is that of the Black Sea.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Discover the World of Google

Blogs, YouTube, G+ Communities and G+ Pages ... it's all here in this huge post by +Denis Labelle

Halloween Ideas

Halloween is nearly upon us all so i thought I'd take this opportunity to provide a few ideas for All Hallows' Eve. Here are a few mugs, cards and posters to get you into a spooky mood. They feature CGI, Snowmen, Wilf and of course Dark Derek himself.

Frozen Over Magnet
Good & Evil Tees
Lair of the Wicked Queen Cards
Till Death Do Us Part - Dark Derek Greeting Cards
Scarecrow Business Card
Birthday Cake Sticker
Dark Derek - Moors Stickers
Snow Lights Card
Doll Magnet
The Visit Cards
Dark Derek - Gallows Tee Shirt
Frozen Over Postage Stamp
Magic Bloke Cards
Dog Greeting Card
Tree Greeting Cards
Ghost Card
Flesh Coffee Mugs
Doll Cards
Ghost Coffee Mugs
Carving Greeting Cards
Flesh Greeting Card
Snowman Card
Puzzled Card
Robot Card
Break Card
Vampire Card
Frozen Over Mugs
Soul Card
Writer Card
Wizard Card
Dog Business Card
Jackpot Greeting Cards
Scarecrow Card
Frozen Over Card
Waxwork Greeting Cards
Birthday - Dark Derek Coffee Mugs
Doll Business Card Templates
Good & Evil Coffee Mugs
Wicker Man Cards
Holiday Card
Make New Friends - Dark Derek Mug
Arts & Crafts Greeting Card
Vampires Cards
Soul Business Card
Birthday Cake Cards
Pumpkin Trio Card
Dark Cupid - Dark Derek Card
Heaven & Hell Coffee Mugs
Love - Dark Derek Greeting Card
Personality Change - Dark Derek Coffee Mugs
Dentist Greeting Card
Pumpkin Trio Mug
Unexpected Guest Card

Make New Friends Card
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