Saturday, 28 September 2013

Beautiful Thing, No Smoking Area & Light Spits Stains on the Scenery

"Beautiful Thing" :- Here's a different view of the North Gate entrance to the famous Royal Pavilion and its gardens in Brighton, England. It's design would not look out of place in India or even Turkey. The shot was captured from the corner of Marlborough Place and Church Street and it was another exercise in patience as anyone that knows Brighton will tell you this corner is particularly busy with busses, taxis, lorries, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, pedestrians and tourists. I waited for a long time before I got this shot with just one bicycle in it!

"This Is A No Smoking Area" :- This is Eastbourne seafront as seen from the end of its victorian pier. The pier was officially opened by Lord Edward Cavendish on 13th June 1870 but took a further two years to complete. The pier is (approx) 300 metres (1000 ft) in length and built on stilts that rest in cups on the sea-bed allowing the whole structure to move during rough weather.

"Light Spits Stains on the Scenery" :- Golden corn fields near the village of Falmer in Sussex light up with light from the setting sun. This view is looking towards the East with the sun dipping behind me in the West. I liked the colour contrasts and the strong shade provided by the large hedgerow at the side of the field. The different brown and gold tones enrich the entire image.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill