Saturday, 7 September 2013

Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore, Four Arches and The Beauty Spot

"Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore" :- Between Woodingdean and Brighton (England) there's a stretch of road that overlooks the sea to the south and the rolling hills, farmland and scenery to the North. There are many horse and stables in the area as Brighton Racecourse in just fact the area is known as the Racehill. I had decided to take a walk around there with the camera and was fortunate enough to catch this sunset just as it was dipping down in the west.

"Four Arches" :- On the far eastern end of Brighton seafront (not far from the Marina) you will find an area called "Dukes Mound" and the "Kemp Town Slopes". It is thought that Sir Joseph Paxton (1803-1865) an English gardener and architect, best known for designing The Crystal Palace developed the terraced walks along the seafront in 1828. A few of the structures on the seafront have always baffled me. They look as if they were once very grand but now stand forlorn, worn and empty whilst staring out to sea. I have no idea what this structure was once used as or for at all but it makes for a great image!

"The Beauty Spot" :- The horrors of urban planning captured in a simple image that has a lot to say. In actual fact the view from the bench (once you are seated) is not that bad at all as it's situated on a cliff top on the edge of Brighton and overlooks the huge Marina and the English Channel. Something triggered a response in me that caused me to set up and grab this shot without thinking about it. The houses all lumped in together on the left, the old gasworks to the right and the bench in an overgrown and concreted area shouted out to me with a huge and distinctive "WHY?". Not so long ago (1800's) this area was pretty much open, green and beautiful. "Black Rock" was full of sea life and the dark chalk cliffs held secrets from millions of years before. It struck me that even when looking out over the sea it was impossible to escape the grey of concrete as the giant arms of the Marina stretched out to protect the expensive yachts and rich lifestyles of those at the base of the cliff.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill