Saturday, 14 September 2013

Dark Rides, Top Stitch and Meltdown

"Dark Rides" :- A late night jaunt to the end of Brighton Pier on the south coast of England provided me with plenty of sights, sounds and smells. Screams and shouts from teenagers on the rides mixed with music blaring out which in turn mixed with other music playing from neighbouring rides creating a heady aural barrage on the ears. The thick and sticky odor of sugar mingled with the unmistakable contrasting scent of salt from the sea below me and the air all around, you could taste both slightly when you licked your lips. The sounds and smells were both things that my camera could not pick up but it was a perfect device for capturing the lights along with dark and shadowy bits in between. So here's an image looking across the planking towards the "Horror Hotel" with the "Turbo" coaster to the left and the "Helter Skelter" to the right. A few ghostly teenage figures lurk aimlessly in the center ... patiently waiting for their brains to click into gear.

"Top Stitch" :- Sometimes when I am out with my camera I like to set myself little challenges. St James's Street in Brighton (England) is a very busy street. It's full of bars, restaurants, supermarkets and stores. It's a constant flow of people, skateboards, bicycles, busses and cars and there was my challenge. Whilst sitting in the beer garden of *The Ranelagh* (with a pint of beer within my reach) could I grab a shot of the street without anyone or anything in it? It would be an exercise in patience, it could take some time...I could wait...I had beer! So the camera was wedged through the railings that separate the garden from the street and I watched everything go to and fro as I waited and calculated my moment ... and then there it was. I sat back with a smile and celebrated by buying another beverage. So on the left we have the wonderfully named "Hunky Dory" (Twitter : @HD2Brighton) which buys, sells and exchanges CD's, DVD's and Games, "Top Stitch" which does clothing alterations, dry cleaning and ironing and "Geo Watts & Son" which is a Fishmongers.

"Meltdown" :- One of my favourite places to wander and chill is the beach at Ovingdean Gap overlooking the English Channel. It's a 25 minute walk from my front door and a few miles to the East of Brighton. When it's hot and sunny the beach fills up with children playing in the rock pools, their parents sit idly reading newspapers as others lay on the pebbles rejoicing in the heat and basting themselves. I like to venture there when it's not so hot. When I can have the place to myself. When it's quiet. When it's calm. When it's peaceful. This image was captured during one of those quiet winter evenings. Absolutely beautiful.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill