Sunday, 1 September 2013

Intricate Door, Silver and Sssh

"Intricate Door" :- The temples (wats) in the Kingdom of Thailand are simply breathtaking. Form their ornate and beautiful roofs to their stunning and intricate carved woodwork and decorated walls. I have often heard travellers and tourists say "You've seen one temple, you've seen 'em all!" but that's not fair, nor is it true and if you think along those lines you are seriously missing out. Every temple is different and unique. They are built with love, affection and an incredible attention to detail. I have walked around many, been inside many and have sat in silence surrounded by their majesty. This image was captured in the City of Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand.

"Silver" :- Cold, damp, wet and chilly. The beach at Ovingdean gap wasn't so inviting on this particular evening when I decided to venture down beside the breakwater. Large and heavy looking storm clouds had drifted into place and were in the process of sucking all the colour out of the world.

"Sssh" :- I'll let you make your own minds up as to what letter the Pink Panther is obscuring but there are only so many that it could be before you get a word in your head. I love this bit of street art. It's cheeky, makes me smile and is beautifully put together and created. As a child I loved the Pink Panther cartoons and just seeing this makes me feel young again. This was painted on steel sheeting that's closed off the entrance to the old, closed down and dilapidated Astoria cinema on Gloucester Place, Brighton, England.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill