Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Many Choices, Pavilion Theatre and Dead Calm

"Many Choices" :- A signpost that tells you everything but at the same time tells you nothing whatsoever. The four signs pointing in various directions pretty much all state and say exactly the same thing as each other. Three have blue arrows on them and they read "Public Bridleway", one has a red arrow on it and that reads "Public Byway". None of them say which direction you're going in or where you will end up if you follow one of them. Fortunately for me I knew where I was going and that was back the way i'd been already. This was captured up on the hills and farmland near the village of Telscombe which is (approx) 2 miles or 3.2 Kilometers from Telscombe Cliffs on the south coast of England.

"Pavilion Theatre (Worthing)" :- This beautiful looking building is the Pavilion Theatre at the front of Worthing Pier (the thirteenth to be built in England) in Worthing, a large seaside town on the south coast in West Sussex, England. The Theatre was built in 1926 and is one of the premier theatres on the South Coast. Inside the theatre has a high decorated proscenium archway over the stage and a standing capacity of 1,100 people (the floor space is 550 sq.metres).

"Dead Calm" :- A couple of boats sit silent and still on a flat and unnervingly calm English Channel. Usually dark green and grey angry waves are are rolling in and crashing against the Brighton shoreline and beach but on this particular evening it was a picture of tranquility. The image was captured from the top of a large concrete and stone built Victorian breakwater that's between the Marina and Pier. The sun was setting which caused the surface of the water to turn into a beautiful mix of lilac and blue hues.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill