Sunday, 8 September 2013

Prints of Darkness

The Prints of Darkness collection has been created by me over the last few years using wire frame 3D models that have then been lit in a CGI environment and rendered. Prints, posters and mousepads are available along with T-shirts and mobile phone covers. Click on the product / image of your choice below to be taken to that product's page in my store.

Orbit Posters
Neon Snowflake Mouse Mat
Taraxacum Mouse Mat
Yin Yang Mouse Pads
Neon Snowflake Posters
Beholder Mouse Mat
Constrain Mouse Mats
Taraxacum Print
Constrictor Mouse Mat
Spur Mouse Pads
Purity Mouse Mat
The Cube Mouse Pads
Yin Yang T Shirts
The Hereafter Mouse Pad
Refuge Mouse Mat
Taraxacum Greeting Cards
The Watcher Mouse Mat
Vertebrae Mouse Mat
Beholder Poster
Constrain Posters
Malevolence Mouse Pad
Recoil Mouse Pad
Fired Mouse Mats
Constrictor Print
Malevolence Posters
Mobius Mouse Pad
Constrain Greeting Cards
Spur Posters
Aegis Mouse Pads
Taraxacun Shirt
Orbit Mouse Pad
Purity Tee Shirt
Rings Mouse Mat
Vertebrae Print
Barb Mouse Mat
Malevolence Greeting Cards
Constrictor Greeting Card
Yin Yang Greeting Cards
The Cube Shirt
Refuge Tee Shirts
Vertebrae Greeting Card
Yin Yang Print
Purity Posters
Cathedral Mouse Pads
Beholder Greeting Card
The Watcher Print
Sinew Tee Shirt
Recoil Posters
Ripped Mouse Pads
Fired Posters
The Cube Posters
Spur Card
Cathedral Poster
Orbit Tshirt
The Watcher Greeting Cards
Sinew Poster
Constrain Tshirts
Decay Mouse Pad
Refuge Print
Ripped Poster

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