Friday, 6 September 2013

Thai Beer Garden, Bar and Peace Lily

"Thai Beer Garden" :- The Brasserie was a restaurant and bar located on the bank of the River Ping in the city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. It was owned and run by a very nice Thai man by the name of Took who also happened to be an incredible blues and rock guitarist. Because of his guitar playing and live music in the restaurant The Brasserie got a reputation and became famous along with Took (he was even mentioned by name in the Lonely Planet guide to Thailand). I got to know Took well, he was a wonderful guy and very generous. Sadly The Brasserie is no longer open, I heard it had finally closed its doors a year or so ago. Anyway, this image was captured late one night outside in the 'Beer Garden' of The Brasserie. You can watch Took playing live in The Brasserie here :- The Wind Cries Mary

"Bar" :- The Concorde 2 is Brighton's leading music venue. The structure itself dates from 1890 and was built as a shelter to protect Victorians from "inclement weather" on Madeira Drive on the south coast of England. It's played host to many big names such as The Scissor Sisters, The Foo Fighters and last night it was the turn of rock guitar legend +Steve Vai to stand on stage and bring the house down...which he duly did and I was privileged to be there to witness it all.

"Peace Lily" :- Peace is such a simple thing to ask for but such a difficult and hard thing to obtain. Obstacles, strife and pain seem to be rife in this war torn world of ours. People seem to go out of their way to make each day as hard as possible for others to get through. This shot and capture is of a "Peace Lily" that was growing in the yard of our apartment in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I dedicate it to all those in war zones, all those with family upheavals, all those with heartache and all those with suffering. Peace.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill