Thursday, 12 September 2013

Towards Lancing, Bannister & Window and Shopping Centre

"Towards Lancing" :- This is a shot of Lancing College (distant right hand side) as seen from the banks of the River Adur in Sussex, England. The College was founded in 1848 by the Reverend Nathaniel Woodard. Throughout his life the Reverend created 11 schools and Lancing was the very first starting off at the vicarage in Shoreham.  Relatively soon after a 500 acre farm on the Downs in the parish of Lancing was bought and the school moved there in 1854. The chapel still looks very imposing whenever I drive past and the college does look very much like the sort of place that Harry Potter would feel quite at home in. You can read the about full history of the College here :- Lancing College

"Bannister & Window" :- I have looked at this window many times and have thought I must take a shot of that sometime but never seemed to get around to it. It's in the main hallway that leads to a friend's apartment in Hove on the south coast of England. However on this occasion I was prepared and turned up with my camera and tripod and managed to capture this shot as I was leaving. To be perfectly honest with you all the image turned out to be far better than I thought it would. During processing I realised that a monochrome approach would be far more dramatic and visual so I went in hard which allowed the light to 'bounce around' more than it would have with the full colour version.

"Shopping Centre" :- The human race is a funny old beast at times. It finds itself on a green and wonderful planet with snow covered mountains, vast oceans and flora and fauna throughout but then decides that it's not quite right and flattens it all to create neon lit, air conditioned concrete structures that not only block out the real world but also impose large sets of rules on itself as it enters. They tell you when you can enter and when you have to leave. They tell you that you cannot smoke, have a dog, ride a bike, be on roller skates or have a drink. Once you are inside you discover that many of the stores within will (sell) provide you with many of the things you were told you could not bring in. Headache inducing lights shine throughout the day fooling you into thinking all is well whilst the daylight outside is knocking frantically on the large double doors but is still being refused admission. I used to work in this place. I don't anymore.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill