Thursday, 5 September 2013

Victorian Lamp Post, Above and Beyond and Safety Shadow

"Victorian Lamp Post" :- Brighton (on the south coast of England) is famous for it's Georgian, Regency & Victorian architecture. Many of it's tourist attractions date from the 17 and 1800's. People flock to the Royal Pavilion, the pier, the volk's railway on the seafront and the famous terrace and arches on Madeira Drive. But there's much of Brighton that's overlooked that dates from the same period. People walk by without noticing or giving it a second glance. This is a shot of one of the many Victorian iron lamp posts that line the seafront, they're very ornate and once again painted in the turquoise colour that Brighton adopted very early on.

"Above and Beyond" :- A view looking out and over the English Channel from the cliffs that line the coastline on the way towards Brighton, England. It takes (approx) an hour and a half for me to walk from my home into Brighton's main center. There are several ways that I can choose to walk in, some are quicker than others and some are more scenic than others. The cliff top route offers wonderful sea views but is one of the slightly longer routes. It's also one of the noisier routes too as the main coast road is just a few feet away and busy with fast moving traffic.

"Safety Shadow" :- These steps are carved and set into the chalk cliffs at Peacehaven in Sussex, England. Entire sections of chalk have been removed in order for the steps to be built so that the beach down below can be accessed. The chalk cliffs themselves are millions of year old and contain many Santonian and Campanian fossils.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill