Friday, 13 September 2013

Vivid Palette, Subway and Pint Glasses

"Vivid Palette" :- During the reign of Queen Victoria the Kings Road Arches were built down on Brighton's seafront. They were originally constructed to house boats and store nets and other fishing paraphernalia. Several years ago the entire area was renovated and cleaned up which saw the rejuvenation of the arches themselves which are now bright and sunny souvenir stores, art galleries and Cafes.

"Subway" :- This is a very well known subway in Brighton on the south coast of England. It sits at the bottom of West Street and provides access to and from the lower promenade and beach. If you have ever visited Brighton then there's a pretty good chance that you have walked through here yourself. It's open throughout the day but at night it's locked shut for safety. Many years ago a large crowd of football fans were herded down into it where the police very cleverly closed the gates and locked them in to stop them running riot through the town. When FatBoy Slim did his famous "Big Beach Boutique II" (2002) down on the beach you couldn't move along this stretch of the seafront or road let alone make it down into the subway because 250,000 people turned up to watch him ... that's double the population of Brighton itself!

"Pint Glasses" :- Hmmm beer! This is a capture of a traditional English country village pub bar in Sussex. The village is Chiddingly and the pub in question is called "The Six Bells" and it's a cracker. Traditional pubs seem to be dying out in England now which is a crying shame. They were full of atmosphere, the smell of home cooking and conversations kept going by the constant flow of beers and spirits. Slowly they have all but disappeared but if you know where to look you'll still find the odd one dotted about. "The Six Bells" is well known for it's home cooked food and menu. The staff are a jolly bunch and the pub itself is the main star as it's rustic, brick built walls harbour open fires and support old wooden beams. The floor is flagstones and the bar stools located at the bar (naturally) are wobbly ... just like they should be. This is what a real pub should be like.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill