Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Wild Boat, Horses Working and Chilling Out

"Wild Boat" :- There are several old boats laying around on Brighton beach and promenade between its two piers. This one is one of the more fascinating as it's been filled with shingle and now has wild plants and beach vegetation growing in it. Just opposite you'll find the Brighton Fishing Museum , the exhibition is open 7 days a week and admission is free of charge.

"Horses Working" :- This is one of the routes that I take when I sometimes walk to and from Brighton from the village of Ovingdean on the south coast of England. There's a public bridleway that runs past Bullstrode Farm in Ovingdean and then up, over and through the East Brighton Golf Course before dropping down to east Brighton Park in Whitehawk and the edge of Kemp Town. The sign in full reads :-
6:00 am - 11:30 am 
The path splits into various directions at certain points and if you follow the route that takes you up towards Woodingdean and Warren Road you will find yourself near many stables and Brighton's Race Course. These are no ordinary horses that you'll find 'working' on the bridleway...these are race horses!

"Chilling Out" :- A group of Thai children sit up in the branches of a tree over the River Tuen in Omkoi within the vast province of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. This village was my home for a long time. I got to know the locals and many of the villagers. I sometimes helped out in the tomato and chili fields, I once drove the truck with heavy bags full of fresh crops and produce loaded up in the back. I took part in the village games, escorted children (along with my step daughter) to the local sweet shop or sometimes load the kids in the back of the truck and then drive them all down to the 7/11 (where the staff were on first name terms with me) for a special treat. The village was special, it was real Thailand. Not the Thailand that's packaged by holiday companies or talked about or promoted in sordid ways. It was the Thailand that few tourists really get to see...but then again I wasn't a tourist...I lived there.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill