Thursday, 24 October 2013

Anyone for Pimm's, Reeds and Eastbourne Bandstand

"Anyone for Pimm's" :- Captured just opposite Regency Square and down on Brighton's lower promenade near the ruins of the West Pier on the south coast of England. by the old pedestrian subway there's a small cafe that sells the normal sort of things you'd expect in a seaside resort. Ice creams, crisps (potato chips), chocolate (candy) bars as well as coffee and tea etc. By the looks of it they'd been grabbing a bit of sun between customers and had left their bright red deck chair out which looked very vibrant against the dark foreboding depths of the subway.

"Reeds" :- Evening on the bank of Lake Siutghiol in Mamaia, a resort on the Romanian Black Sea shore and a district of Constanța, Romania. The thin black line running across and through the image is actually Constanța itself on the other side of the lake. 'd been standing by the waters edge for over 30 minutes watching the sun go down and grabbed this shot as an afterthought before I turned and made my way back up to the van.

"Eastbourne Bandstand" :- This is a capture of the bandstand on the seafront of the East Sussex coastal town of Eastbourne, England. It's a beautiful bit of architecture with a large attached colonnade that gently curves around and also has multi levelled viewing decks. This particular bandstand is unique, there is no other like it in the UK. It was designed by Leslie Rosevere and built in 1935 and originally seated 3,500 (now it only seats 1,600 due to modern health and safety laws).

So they have recently "done it up" over the last couple of years and I was amazed to discover their idea of restoration when I paid it a visit a few months ago. If you look at this image I captured you can clearly see that there's now a huge and ugly iron girder frame in place that supports the elegant roof. No gentle 1930's curves or lines. No aesthetically pleasing design. Just a square, ugly, cream coloured monstrosity that juts out and screams visual abuse at you. Just what were they thinking of?

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill