Saturday, 26 October 2013

Between a Rock & a Wet Place, Light at the End and Sunshine Of Your Love

"Between a Rock and a Wet Place" :- I find something very calming about this image and I have no idea why. Maybe it's because I remember the day (and capturing the image) very clearly and the weather had that wonderful mild but warm feeling everywhere I wandered with a gentle breeze skipping by from time to time. The shot was taken at Brighton Marina on the edge of the city on the southern coast of England. The giant protective arms sweep around causing the sea water that enters to immediately flatten out and behave.

"Light at the End" :- This is shot from within the huge Victorian built bridge that's on New England Road in Brighton , England. When it was originally built it was just 20 feet wide but over the years it's been widened and altered until it's become the huge gargantuan and massive structure you see in my image. I like the way the traffic cones just catch a little of the natural light that was seeping in behind me. It's a dark and noisy place to stand...especially when you're in the middle of the road!

"Sunshine Of Your Love" :- One of those days and shots where all the elements came together at the right time to create an incredibly breath taking image. The burned out iron ruin of the West Pier stands forlorn and dejected just off the beach of Brighton (England) as the sun dips down on the horizon causing the English Channel to glow in its light. The clouds were scudding over and enhancing the spectacle and the entire show was over within a few minutes. Lucky for me I just happened to be on the beach ... in the right place ... with my camera!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill