Sunday, 13 October 2013

Brighton Graffiti, St John's Door and Rippled Sand

"Brighton Graffiti" :- I stumbled across this street art in a car park in Oxford Place which runs between London Rd and Ditchling Rd in Brighton, England. It was one of those occasions where the car park was devoid of vehicles so I grabbed my chance a got the shot without any cars or motorbikes getting in the way. The entire day was grey and cloudy which explains the completely bleached out sky, there was no blue to be seen.

"St John's Door" :- St John the Baptist's Church is an Anglican church in Hove and is located on the junction of St John's Rd and Church Rd whose names indicate that the church has been there for a very long time. It was built between 1852 and 1854 to serve the Brunswick area of Hove which was established in the 1830s. On 12 April 1983 the Church was given a Grade II listing as it was regarded as being "nationally important and of special interest". The door in this image can be found on the Eastern side of the Church.

"Rippled Sand" :- Low tide at Cuckmere Haven (located between Seaford and Eastbourne) on the south coast of England. To the left of the image you can see part of the famous "Seven Sisters" cliff face as it runs off towards the East pausing to dip at Birling Gap before rising once again to form Beachy Head, the highest chalk cliff face in the British Isles. The sand is heavily rippled here because this is the spot where the River Cuckmere runs into the English Channel. It was a beautifully hot day when I captured this shot at the end of August 2012, I had walked for hours taking in the scenery.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill