Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Evening Sun on Tree, Marine Gate and Setting on the Coastline

"Evening Sun on Tree" :- A shot and capture that was actually an afterthought and not planned whatsoever. I'd gone down to the banks of Lake Siutghiol in Mamaia (a district of Constanța by the Black Sea in Romania) to photograph the setting sun over the water. After 'clicking away' for half an hour or so I turned to make my way back and immediately noticed this tree bathed in the warm glow of the sunset. The red hues were in stark contrast to the cold greens of the background and looked to me like a visual treat so I grabbed the shot and carried on my way.

"Marine Gate" :- This is 'Marine Gate', a large block of flats situated on Marine Drive (A259) in Brighton, England. On the 26th May 1931 Brighton Borough bought the land and then leased it with permission to build a block of flats and eventually on the 5th May 1939 Marine Gate was opened. Originally the architects (Messrs. Wimperis, Simpson & Guthrie FF.R.I.B.A., of South Molton Street, London W1) included a restaurant and cocktail bar in their design. During WWII Marine Gate was bombed on many occasions due to the nearby gas works at Black Rock being a German target. For the remainder of the war the building stood empty. Once the war had ended the restaurant and cocktail bar were converted into extra apartments and Marine Gate once again filled with tenants. Today, Marine Gate is home to 132 flats / apartments.

"Setting on the Coastline" :- A view looking Northeast from the decks of Brighton's famous pier towards Madeira Drive and the seafront. If you look carefully you can make out the turquoise Victorian iron arches and terrace (built in 1890) that run along much of the length of Madera Drive. Along Marine Parade you can easily see the white Regency and Georgian buildings that are interspersed with the odd Victorian structure while more modern blocks sit idly behind looking slightly embarrassed to be there. On the far right of the image you can just see a large building that's caught in the glow of the sun ... that's the famous Roedean Girls School which has played host to many princesses from around the globe.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill