Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Fear Factor, Low Bridge and Safe Haven

"Fear Factor" :- I've been saving this shot for a while now as it was taken back in March during a cold snap (you can still see snow on the ground) but I knew it would make for a good post nearer Halloween. The tree can be found in Stanmer Park on the outskirts of Brighton in Sussex, England. Due to the lighting, frosty weather, time of year and my processing it took on a malevolent and evil look and appeared to be reaching out as if to grab anyone that was foolish enough to pass near it. I love Stanmer Park, it's chock full of grand old trees and packed to the brim with scenery and history while providing some well needed open space and greenery.

"Low Bridge" :- This is a shot of the old bridge that crosses part of a tributary to the River Adur in Shoreham, Sussex, England. The shot was taken during July 2012 and just after a very wet week or two so the water level had swollen and risen dramatically. The road that crosses it is the Brighton Rd (A259) which will (if you keep heading West) take you into the town of Worthing before continuing onto Littlehampton and the Historical City of Chichester.

"Safe Haven" :- It seems like an appropriate time for me to post this image. For the last couple of days or so I have seen various news agencies throughout Europe use photos of Brighton Marina during the storm that we have just endured and come through. The images depicted huge and violent waves smashing against it's protective arms as the sea raged and attacked its defences. It served its purpose well and as far as I know all boats moored up and berthed within its walls came through the serious squall unharmed.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill