Sunday, 20 October 2013

Gate, Primordial and St John's Path

"Gate" :- A gated public footpath leads up and over farmland on a warm and sunny afternoon on the Sussex coast of England. It will take you (approx) one hour to walk from here to the historically filled Brighton with its piers, pavilions and lanes. I walk (a slightly different route) at least once a week into town and back and it's a very pleasant walk providing the weather is behaving.

"Primordial" :- Slippery rocks and chalk covered in seaweed wait for the tide to return at Ovingdean Gap near Brighton, England. The rock pools in between provoked memories of clambering around barefoot as a child with bucket in hand looking for crabs or sea anemones. It's a peaceful place to while away a few hours, very tranquil with just the sound of the sea backed by the odd cry and squawk of a gull.

"St John's Path" :- This is the Church of St John the Baptist in Crawley, a town and borough in West Sussex, England. It dates from the 13th century and is the oldest building in the town centre but only one wall still remains of the original ancient Church. It's built of Sussex limestone and is just one of twelve Grade II listed buildings in the borough of Crawley.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill