Friday, 18 October 2013

Hut on the Lake, Within Arad Station and December Sea

"Hut on the Lake" :- I spent many hours sitting by this man made lake enjoying the view, wildlife and tropical heat. This is Ang Kep Nam Ban Dong, a reservoir in the village of Ban Dong, Omkoi in Chiang Mai province, Thailand. It was (approximately) a 15 minute walk to the lake from the house, when I used to get in the way or under their feet and was told to "Go somewhere!" I'd grab my camera and stroll up to this beautiful and scenic place. I'd stay for a few hours, chasing dragonflies, butterflies, lizards and crickets in the hope that i'd get some decent shots which thankfully I did over time. It was an idyllic little haven of peace and tranquility.

"Within Arad Station" :- An interior shot of the train station in Arad, the 12th biggest city in Romania. Interestingly enough Arad had one of the first music conservatories ever in Europe. Anyway, Arad Central Railway Station is the second largest railway station in the western region of Romania and was designed by Hungarian architect Ferenc Pfaff back when Arad was once a part of the Kingdom of Hungary. The station officially opened in 1858. Considering it's the second largest in the western region it's surprisingly small and rather bare with just three platforms and very little else. The interior was rather stark and hard hitting but did feel very imposing and seemed to make you know your place within it all and tow the line.

"December Sea" :- I've had this image on file for nearly two year as I captured it back in December 2011 on a very cold , wet and wintery day. The English Channel was a grey / brown sludgey colour and looked very uninviting as it churned and splashed around. The storm out to sea had affected everything for miles as the wind was strong with salt and you could feel an uneasy electricity in the air. Just as i'd set up and was about to take the shot a small orange strip of light broke through between the clouds and sea. Perfect timing.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill