Monday, 21 October 2013

Kingston Bridleway, Beneath The Wheel and Morti

"Kingston Bridleway" :- A most wonderful and beautiful part of the Sussex countryside captured as I walked over the downs from the town of Lewes back to the village of Ovingdean (near Brighton) on the south coast of England. The stretch of land I was walking on in this shot lays between Lewes and Kingston village. All in all the walk took me (approx) two hours but that was with me stopping along the way to capture various images and take in the scenic views (and get my breath back at times).

"Beneath The Wheel" :- The title says it all really. This is a shot and capture of Brighton's famous Victorian Pier as seen from underneath the platform that supports the giant Brighton Wheel. It had been raining hard so everything was damp and wet which added to the grey moodiness of the entire day. It was cold too and this image somehow conveys the dankness of it all which was surprising due to the fact that it was early July 2012.

"Morti" :- A seriously moody and atmospheric scene which stopped me in my tracks the second I entered the Cathedral. This was shot just inside the entrance of the Catedrala Ortodoxa Sfanta Treime (Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral) in the city of Arad in Romania. The Cathedral is relatively new to Arad as its foundation stone was laid in 1991 by the bishop (Timotei Seviciu) of Arad . The cathedral was consecrated by the patriarch Daniel on 6 December 2008 and on 28th November 2009 it became an archiepiscopal cathedral. Once inside its a cavernous giant of a structure which is half concrete and half brightly painted and ornately decorated.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill