Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Seaside Fun, Strada Tribunul Dobra and Scraped

"Seaside Fun" :- This is not a monochrome image of Brighton's famous Pier but a colourless image of it captured on a grey, wet and cold winter's day. The bright flashing illuminated sign is the only bit of colour visible which appears completely incongruous within the scene. The deck of the Victorian wonder is usually busy with tourists and day trippers walking up and down but on this day just two people brave the cold and lean on the pier railings.

"Strada Tribunul Dobra" :- This is a view looking down Strada Tribunul Dobra which is just off of Avram Iancu Square in the city of Arad, Romania. We'd been driving for hours and hours and decided to park up for a while and grab a bite to eat. This not only gave me the chance to get off my butt and stretch my legs but also provided me with the opportunity to grab the camera and explore a little. Everything felt like it was the 1940's and that the world was still at war. Nothing modern seemed to spoil the illusion. It was a very odd place to walk around. I love the way the tram lines in the road caught the harsh light and that above them the supports and cables that provide the power are silhouetted. Yet again I patiently waited for the opportune moment to capture the shot as I wanted to try and get it as empty as possible. As I stood on the corner in anticipation of the right moment a car pulled up next to me and the window wound down to reveal one of the most stunning women I have ever seen. She sat behind the wheel with a map in hand and a clipboard thick with paperwork was on the dashboard. She said something in Romanian which I guessed was a plea for directions, I shrugged and said "Sorry" and with the realisation that I was not a local but some daft Brit she thrust the car into gear and lunged off down this very road. I got my shot anyway!

"Scraped" :- A dented and scraped metal boat lays upturned on the beach at Seaford in Sussex on south coast of England. What made me stop and look at this is that all the colours seemed to compliment each other and everything was subdued and dull hues. Nothing jarred or seemed out of place. There was also a feeling of calmness and peace about the scene.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill