Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Shadow Five, Lone Fisherman and Red Roof

"Shadow Five" :- Five winter trees stand silhouetted against a late afternoon sun along a road known as 'Greenways' in the village of Ovingdean on the south coast of England. If you follow the road to the left (and continue out shot) for 3 minutes it will bring you out onto the main coast cliff top road and the edge of the country offering huge panoramic views of the English Channel.

"Lone Fisherman" :- A lonely fisherman stands on an empty shore patiently waiting for something to bite. But this is no ordinary shore as the sea he is fishing in is the Black Sea and the buildings that curve around behind him are in Mamaia which is part of the resort of Constanta in Romania. I was surprised to see just how much of a resort it was. We'd driven for days (and hundreds of miles) through winding roads and quiet, dark Romanian villages. Everything we saw was very reminiscent of the old horror films of the 60's & 70's and then things got brighter and sunnier the minute we reached our destination. Restaurants, night spots and hotels suddenly sprang up and the Black Sea sat majestically twinkling in the light.

"Red Roof" :- This was my home town (ok....village) when I was living in Thailand. The region is Omkoi and it can be found up in the mountains within the province of Chiang Mai. It's (approx) a two and half hour drive from Chiang Mai city and a breath of fresh air from the wheel to wheel traffic of rush hour, car horns, motorbikes, tuk-tuks and songthaews. It was peaceful and very beautiful. My heart is still there and I long to return and catch up with the villagers that live there. When I close my eyes and think about the place I can feel the heat on my skin, smell the clean air and hear the crickets and bugs that inhabit the place. My home from home.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill