Friday, 11 October 2013

Simmering Down, Power Over Nature and Main Bar

"Simmering Down" :- A passing storm gets caught by the sunset on the south coast of England near the city of Brighton. The light turns the English Channel into a cold mercurial gun metal grey. There was a damp electricity buzzing in the air, you could feel it all around as every other minute a shiver ran through me. I was lucky in that mother nature's display just happened to coincide with the low tide.

"Power Over Nature" :- Fields and distant downs provide the backdrop for the criss crossing of power cables and lines at the back of Southease village between Newhaven and Lewes in Sussex, England. To be honest I have no idea why I stopped to grab this shot, it was an involuntary decision and before I knew it i'd set up, aimed and captured it all before i had time to think or realise what I was doing. I am pleased with the image but will always be baffled as to why I took it.

"Concorde 2 Main Bar" :- One of Brighton's premier music venues. The Concorde 2 started out life as a Victorian building designed to shelter those from wet and windy weather on the seafront. It was built in 1890 along with the Madeira Lift / Elevator which opens up within the structure and takes people (still to this day) up and down between the lower seafront road of Madeira Drive and the upper road of Marine Parade. The stained glass panels that you see on the upper left hand side of the image are all the original Victorian craftwork. Several years ago the building was sold and changed from being a Cafe to one of Brighton's premier music venues. It's seen some huge names perform on its stage ranging from Gladys Knight & The Pips to the Foo Fighters and very recently rock guitar legend Steve Vai.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill