Friday, 25 October 2013

Staying Warm, Village Road and Old Steine Gardens

"Staying Warm" :- I remember taking this shot very clearly as this cute dog had put a huge smile and grin on my face. The shot was captured on the corner of Ratpakinai Road and Phra Pok Klao 3 Alley in the ancient and historical city of Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand. Even though the sun was out there was a chill in the air so the dog had his jacket on and was sitting out in the sun in an attempt to warm up a bit.

"Village Road" :- This is the road that drops down into the old and original part of Ovingdean Village near Brighton, England. The village has a couple of listings and mentions in the Domesday Book which was written in 1086 and a few years ago they also discovered the remains of an old Medieval manor under Hog Croft Field which is directly next to the 11th Century St Wulfran's Church. In the distance you can just see the downs and farmland stretching and rising up. If you walk along the public bridleway up and over the land you'll find yourself on the edge of Brighton itself.

"Old Steine Gardens" :- The thirty-two feet high Victorian fountain (inaugurated on 25 May 1846) stands resplendent in the middle of the Old Steine Gardens in Brighton, England. The gardens themselves were originally a large open green space with a stream running through the middle in the fishing village of Brighthelmstone (the name went through various changes through the centuries and eventually became Brighton). From the 1700's onwards the area started to transform and take shape as the small fishing village slowly turned into a seaside resort which was favoured by Lords, Ladies and Royalty.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill