Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Three Chairs, Rolling Tide and View of Lewes

"Three Chairs" :- I captured this image (along with a few others) on August 2nd 2013. A tip off text message notified me that entry to St Alban's Church (in Brighton, UK) was being allowed for one final time before demolition commenced and the entire building was flattened. Needless to say within minutes of me getting the message I was in the car and heading down there with the camera. It's an odd feeling to stand in a deserted and empty building that was once the central hub of an area. Weddings, christenings and funerals as well as worship week in, week out must have filled the place for years providing solace and strength for young and old. There is now a large space where this building once stood.

"Rolling Tide" :- Flat and vast. I love photographing water, especially when it forms an ocean, sea or lake. No buildings on the skyline or horizon, nothing to give a sense of scale as it thunders off into the distance and gently drops and curves away with the globe. This image was captured at Ovingdean Gap which is (approximately) 4 miles or 6.43 kilometers from the city of Brighton on the south coast of England.

"View of Lewes" :- Here's a view from the top of the south downs looking Northeast towards the town of Lewes in Sussex, England. I had never walked the route before opting each and every time to take the car and drive along the A27 but on this occasion I was up for the challenge and decided to walk the 5.24 miles (or 8.43 kilometers) which took roughly an hour and a half. The views on offer were stunning but the route (as you can see in this image) was rather arduous at times with steep chalk paths waiting to rob you of your breath at every turn. If you look carefully you can just make out Ashcombe Mill (left of center) near the village of Kingston.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill