Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Wood Watchers, Ship to Shore and Rickety Bridge

"Wood Watchers" :- These majestic trees can be found standing at the back of Stanmer Manor deep within Stanmer Park which is located along the Lewes Road (A270) on the edge of Brighton, Sussex, England. The history of the park goes back centuries but it only really started to come into its own during the 1700's when the manor house was built in 1722. Stanmer Park is the largest open park within the Brighton area.

"Ship to Shore" :- An evening of surreal calmness befell Brighton several months ago in July. The sun was taking in its applause and bowing on the way out leaving us with one last colourful display before giving the night a turn. The atmospherics were just right. The English Channel is usually rough and a mixture of dark greens and greys but for some reason on this eve it was flat and a wonderful shade of blue / green which was also reflecting a lot of the sunset. Brighton sat there basking in its own history and fame knowing it had already earned its rightful place on the English coastline.

"Rickety Bridge" :- Hidden away up in the mountains of Omkoi in Northern Thailand there's a small and very beautiful waterfall. I'd been trying to go several times but each and every time something would get in the way and the afternoon out would be aborted. Then when I least expected it I found myself on a motorbike and being shown where it was on a gloriously hot and sunny afternoon. The journey took about 45 minutes from the house and was along a long and winding, switchback road which passed many rice fields and palms. When we got there we grabbed a bite to eat from the packed lunch I'd taken along and then explored a little. This handmade uneven bridge was near where we sat to eat, it wobbled from side to side slightly when you walked across it which made you not want to have to walk back again but left you no option. It was an idyllic and wonderful afternoon.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill