Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Zombie Factory

Ooh look what I found! +byron rempel is an artist I have been following for a long time over on Google+. His wonderful Zombie artwork leapt from the screen the first time I saw it and I have loved it ever since. Anyway I have only just discovered that his artwork is available on various products within his very own Zazzle store. Needless to say I got excited and wanted to share his sore and products with you all. Enjoy...

9 zombie cats on a shirt
zombie patient tees
9 zombie kittens iPhone 5 case
zombie patient coaster
zombie horde coasters
zombie rat brain eater coaster
Zombie Against the Wall Coaster
the SKULL iPad Folio Covers
shocked zombie iPad cases
zombie horde t-shirt
shocked zombie t-shirts
zombie eating bacon cat t-shirt
zombie patient poster
zombie breaking in poster
zombie clown posters
zombie horde coffee mug
buzzed zombie t shirt
zombie horde shirts
shocked zombie posters
zombie horde pinback buttons
zombie horde coffee mugs
zombie patient tshirts
zombie horde commuter bags
zombie kitten 2 iPhone 5 iPhone 5 Covers
zombie horde iPhone 4/4S iPhone 4 Covers
zombie horde keychain
zombie horde vinyl magnet
zombie patient mesh hats
zombie horde mesh hat
zombie patient iPhone 4 case
zombie patient mouse pads
zombie patient pinback button
9 zombie cats galaxy s3 covers
Zombie Against the Wall Button
zombie kitten 2 Samsung Case Galaxy SIII Case
9 zombie kittens iPhone 4/4S case
zombie rat brain eater button
Drooling Boil Zombie Buttons
zombie horde drinking bottle
zombie horde tote bags
zombie patient mug
zombie horde stickers
9 zombie kittens poster
zombie christmas ornament
zombie horde iPhone 5 iPhone 5 Covers
zombie horde posters
zombie eating bacon cat sticker
zombie against the wall tees
i love zombies coffee mugs
i love zombies coffee mug
zombie apocalypse circle of the dead dartboard
zombie apocalypse circle of the dead gift box premium gift boxes
chaos zombie gift box premium trinket boxes
zombie finger premium gift box
chaos zombie plate
zombie apocalypse circle of the dead plate
i love zombies premium trinket box
chaos zombie mug
zombie finger plates
zombie patient plate

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