Saturday, 30 November 2013

Golden Seat, Silent Three and Home & Garden

"Golden Seat" :- A dusky and smoky sunset makes Hove promenade look as if it's been nicotine stained. The bench and old Victorian seating shelter are on the promenade by the Medina Groyne (also known locally as the "Hove Walkway"). There's a far greater feeling of space in Hove, the seafront gets wider and there are suddenly vast expanses of grassy lawns to relax on too. You can walk freely without bumping into someone, roller skaters can zip about without fear of colliding into anything and many dog walkers can give their respective pets a bit longer on the lead instead of having to hold them on a tight rein.

"Silent Three" :- A shot on a cold and chilly day in the churchyard of St Wulfran's in the historical village of Ovingdean on the south coast of England. The Church is 11th Century and the village is listed (and has two entries) in the Domesday book which was compiled and written in 1086 so we know it's well over 900 years old. Beyond the wall there is opensky and fields but the view in Medieval times would have been far different. Remains of an old large manor house were found when archaeologists explored the area beyond the wall along with evidence that they were farming Oysters at the time.

"Home & Garden" :- Brighton's lower promenade is a fascinating place to walk around. During the 1800's it was filled with fishing boats, piles of lobster pots and nets being repaired. The arches that delved under the upper road housed the large wooden boats that the fishermen would risk their lives on daily. I remember the area clearly in the 1980's, it was run down and dilapidated and a place where you wouldn't really want to find yourself by day and especially not at night. It's now a different story as cafes, bars and nightclubs rub shoulders with souvenir shops and art galleries. This store was about to close up for the night just as someone decided to go in for a browse around. I loved all the different shades and lighting so grabbed the shot.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill

Friday, 29 November 2013

The Post & Telegraph, Royal Window and Smothered by Nature

"The Post & Telegraph" :- This grand looking building was once a bank. It was built between 1921 and 1923 as a branch of the National Provincial Bank which later became the National Westminster Bank (or NatWest as it was more commonly known). It has since been recognised as yet another of Brighton's historical buildings and has gained a Grade II listing. It's now The Post & Telegraph, a large and ostentatious public house owned by the J D Wetherspoon chain.

"Royal Window" :- A shot looking up at a window situated within the North wall of the Royal Pavilion, Brighton, England. Concealed floodlights pick out the minarets making them look like some booster rockets from the 1700's while the rest of the ornate building does its best to hide in the shadows and go unnoticed. You have to wonder who's looked out of this window over the years as the Royal palace has played home to Royalty and host to many dignitaries and celebrities over the years. George the Prince of Wales had the pavilion built, he later became Prince Regent when his father became seriously ill and then became King George IV. Queen Victoria also stayed at the Pavilion many times before favouring Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. Haile Selassie (a defining figure in both Ethiopian and African history) also visited and Barbara Streisand filmed a few scenes inside and out for the film "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever ".

"Smothered by Nature" :- Green is a most restful and peaceful colour. It's easy on the eyes and very relaxing. Why do I say that? Well there's an easy explanation that's in a form of a few questions? What if all leaves were blue? What if grass was red? Yes, I know oranges and reds appear in Autumn / Fall along with rustic browns but green is the predominant colour. Thick, rich, lavish emerald and jade greenery. This shot was taken just two minutes walk from the very busy London Road out of Brighton.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Dangerous Flight, Love Lucy and Wasteland

"Dangerous Flight" :- It always amazes me that you can fit in with rules and regulations that give you clearance to "Carry On" but at the same time make things twice as bad as they were beforehand. The human race has an aptitude for this kind of behaviour and it seems to be growing at an alarming rate with an influx of health and safety procedures that simply get in the way of general health and safety. What I have photographed here is a set of steps / stairs that lead to a back door of a hotel. I shall refrain from naming the establishment but anyone who's very familiar with Brighton can probably work out which one it is from the shot. The back door a fire escape which is one floor up from ground level so stairs had to be put in place to aid one's escape plan. Looking at the sate of these stairs I think there's clearly more chance of you killing yourself by breaking your neck slipping on these steps then there is of you dying from fire. Covered in slime and algae they have obviously not been looked at, maintained or cleaned for a very long time.

"Love Lucy" :- The Kings Road Arches run along the length of Brighton's lower promenade on the seafront. They were originally used to house large fishing boats during the 1800's and run from the Hove Boundary to the Palace Pier and beyond to what was once known as the Peter Pan playground. Since the 1980's the area had been given a new lease of life and many of the arches now house bars, nightclubs and various galleries and souvenir stores. This is a shot taken late at night on one of the slipway roads that lead down to the lower promenade. It shows a few of the old arches that are housed under the upper promenade that are now galleries.

"Wasteland" :- I have been itching to post this image of the remains of the West Pier for days as I am immensely proud of it. It was shot a couple of weeks ago on the 15th November 2013 at 16:45 pm during a very low tide on Brighton beach. The sunset had been stunning and after grabbing a few shots of it near Hove I walked back along the beach towards Brighton and the pier. The light was beginning to fade quite rapidly but it had given the seawater a ghostly neon blue sheen. I thought it was worth a try so I aimed the camera at it and clicked away. It was processed as a three exposure HDR (high dynamic range) image to bring out the detail and nothing more. I think she's stunning.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill

It's Snowtime!

Just a few days to go and it will then be December. The temperatures are dropping already just to help you get into the festive spirit as the holiday season soon approaches. If you are looking for a gift and present that's a little different then why not surprise someone this year with one of my original clocks or watches. My snowmen have been busy redesigning themselves so that they fit perfectly on these beautiful timepieces for your wall or your wrist! There's a selection posted below for you to see but the entire collection can be found here :- It's Snowtime

Vitruvian Snowman Clock
Vitruvian Snowman Clock by Gingerbloke
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The Pianist Watch
The Pianist Watch by Gingerbloke
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Frosty Clocks
Frosty Clocks by Gingerbloke
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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Please Take One, Church in Winter and Tangerine Seas

"Please Take One" :- An eerie and somewhat creepily lit partition on Brighton's famous pier. This was taken from the Western side looking East at 18:10 pm just a week or so ago on Saturday 16th November 2013. It looks deserted and empty but that's once again down to patience and timing on my part as I set up and then waited in position for a break in the constant stream of people going back and forth in order to get the shot I wanted. The pier opened in May 1899 so these very windows in the wooden partition walls have been looked through by so many and have seen the various fashions change over the years.

"Church in Winter" :- The Church of St Peter stands in the perfectly preserved manorial village of Firle between the town of Lewes and Polegate. Most of the Church dates from the 13th Century although its origins began somewhere around 1200. The history inside is staggering and you can also find the resting place of Sir John Gage (and his wife), who was Constable of the Tower of London and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster under King Henry VIII and Lord Chamberlain of Queen Mary.

"Tangerine Seas" :- Brighton beach between the marina and the pier during a rich and vibrant sunset. The tide was the lowest I had seen it for a very long time and it exposed parts of the beach that i'd never viewed or realised were there) before. The "stone wall" on the right of the picture is a concrete Victorian breakwater known as a Groyne. It's actually the Paston Place Groyne (also known locally as "Banjo Groyne" due to its shape) and it was built in 1877 and it's one of the larger breakwaters on Brighton beach as it's 270 feet long and 14 feet wide. I was amazed to discover these wooden struts sticking up out of the sand at the end that's usually deep under water. The wood appears to run along the length of the Groyne which makes me think it's older than the concrete Groyne and therefore part of the original wooden Groyne that was there long before 1877.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Field Hut, Reach and Seaside Resort

"Field Hut" :- A traditional and very rural Thai hut / shelter built from tree trunks, bamboo and leaves. It's vital to have somewhere to shelter from the searing heat of the midday sun and the tropical downpours during the monsoon / rainy season. I used to love sitting around in these huts and grabbing a quick bite to eat with the family and villagers who were all helping to get the crops in. This was shot in Omkoi, a region still within Chiang Mai Province but high up in the mountains and well off the beaten tourist and travellers track. This is real Thailand.

"Reach" :- Shot back in March 2013 in stanmer Park , Brighton, England during a very cold period. You can still clearly see patches of snow on the ground and the air was crisp and clear giving everything a surreal sharpness. Stanmer Park is chock full of trees, some are ancient and old oaks, others are younger and not so grand but everywhere you look there are trees. It's such a beautiful and large park.

"Seaside Resort" :- With the sun setting in the West I turned to face the East so I could catch Brighton bathed in the pastel shades of the dying daylight. The sea had retreated some considerable distance revealing a wide expanse of wet sand which were reflecting the hues and colours of the late afternoon. As soon as the shot was taken I set off along the beach, slowly making my way back towards the bustling center of Brighton.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill

Monday, 25 November 2013

Derek On Time

Black and full of mirth. Dark Derek appears on a selection of clocks (and watches).
Reaper Wall Clocks
Reaper Wall Clocks by Gingerbloke
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Poison Wall Clock
Poison Wall Clock by Gingerbloke
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Moon & Stars Wallclocks
Moon & Stars Wallclocks by Gingerbloke
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The A27, Low Tide at Brighton and Pier Lamp

"The A27" :- Shot from the small footbridge that's part of Juggs Road and somewhere between the town of Lewes and the village of Kingston in Sussex, England. This is a view looking West, in the distance (just of center) you can see a large copse of trees that are near the village of Falmer. The A27 is a major route and is one of the busiest trunk roads in the UK.

"Low Tide at Brighton" :- A myriad of dancing lights are mirrored in the wet sands and pools left by a very low tide on the Sussex coast of England. Brighton twinkles and sparkles into the night patiently waiting for its reflections to be swallowed up by the returning tide and the mass of water that is the English Channel.

"Pier Lamp" :- The Pier in Brighton is very famous and well known for it's amusements, rides, bars and various restaurants etc. Thousands walk along its boards each and every year as it stands steadfast and proud as a Victorian legacy. But not many really stop to take her all in and see how she looks. She's a fine example of Victorian engineering and design and is most probably one of the grandest and ornate piers that you can discover as you travel around the British coast. Her filigree iron railings are instantly recognisable as being part of Brighton.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Thai Cook, Heaven's Mirror and Closed Doorway

"Thai Cook" :- I loved his little street food cafe. It was situated on Ratpakinai Road in the city of Chiang Mai. The couple that owned it and ran it created some wonderful Thai dishes that were delicious and very cheap. They were always happy and willing to have a chat and a laugh. We made sure we ate there several times a week. Then it was suddenly closed and they moved out. The building was knocked down and a new garish building sprung up in its place. I often wonder where they moved to and if they are still creating their wonderful food.

"Heaven's Mirror" :- A very low tide, a wet stretch of sand, a cloudy sky and a sunset all came together for a moment that I was lucky enough to be there for. It was an absolute joy and pleasure to take it all in, it was very calming and very serene. It was a perfect moment.

"Closed Doorway" :- A shot of an ancient blocked up doorway in the wall of St Andrews Old Church in Hove, England. Apparently the church served as Hove's parish church for several centuries up until 1892. St Andrew's Church is a Grade II listed building. I wish could tell you more about this doorway and ts history but I can't seem to find anything about it at all. It looks wonderful though and very medieval (though it may not be).

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, Eastbourne Rock and Hades

"Brighton Museum & Art Gallery" :- The entrance to Brighton Museum & Art Gallery is very imposing at the best of times but it looks at it's most spectacular when it's floodlit after dark. The entrance is located in the Royal Pavilion Gardens and is only a stone's throw away from the grand and ornate Pavilion itself. Each and every time I have wandered through or photographed this place at night there's been a light bulb out. One of these days I'll get a shot of it with all the lights working!

"Eastbourne Rock" :- The title says it all really. A large mass of rocks sit on the far end of Eastbourne's pebbled beach. I'd wandered the length of the pier and taken in the promenade for an hour or so before deciding to explore a section of the seafront that I'd not been in before. So I walked a good 30 minutes down to where the promenade stops and the cliff face takes over and forces me to take to the beach. I walked a further 5 minutes before coming to a stop as it looked unsafe to go any further (not without a hard hat anyway).

"Hades" :- Well, what can I say about this? I'd hit Brighton beach late afternoon and had wandered about aimlessly for a bit grabbing the odd shot here and there as I meandered. Then for some unknown reason I headed off along the prom towards Hove and found myself 25 minutes later on the beach with the sun going down. I waited for a while to see if there was going to be a decent sunset but nothing much happened so I turned and started to walk back along the beach leaving Hove behind me along with the dying sun. A few minutes passed and then there was an unearthly glow that coloured everything in and also cast a slight shadow of myself. I turned and this is what I saw. Wasting no time at all I set up in seconds flat and started to shoot. A breathtaking display of Biblical proportions!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill

Friday, 22 November 2013

I'm Dreaming of a Dark Christmas

Are you fed up of ridiculously bright and colourful Christmas wrapping paper and baubles? Have you been looking and searching for darker options but found nothing each and every time? Well look no further as Dark Derek has come to the rescue. "Bite Sized Derek" has a few new additions in the shape of dark seasonal wrapping paper and things o stick on your tree. Below you can see just a very small selection of what's on offer.

Incoming Storm, A Victorian Delight and Not Just Green

"Incoming Storm" :- An awesome wall of cloud approaches the coast of England. Filled with menace you could hear it rumbling and moaning as it got nearer. The wind picked up and started to bite at my face, my fingers already numbing as I tried to get the shot. The sun was already setting in the West so it managed to light up the larger cloud in the distance which made a dramatic contrast with the darker more malevolent ones that were closer.

"A Victorian Delight" :- I have to be honest and admit to you all that I am absolutely delighted with this shot and the way that I chose to process it. I couldn't have wished for a better outcome. The image has a real 1930's or 1940's feel about it and makes me think of the old classic black and white films like The Third Man, The Thirty Nine Steps and of course Brighton Rock. It also makes me think a lot of the old gelatin silver printing process used in photography from the 1880s until the 1960s. Anyway, the colours were magnificent on the night as I stood by the pier on Brighton beach at low tide and I very nearly processed the image as a colour shot but the black and white approach was too strong to resist. There's a real timeless beauty about the pier when she looks like this.

"Not Just Green" :- Hove seafront and promenade is vastly different from that of Brighton's. It's much wider and further away from the road, it has less people wandering around aimlessly on it and it also has it's wonderful, colourful beach huts. The title of the image refers not only to the doors of the huts but also to the large ominous looking building that's behind them. That's the HQ and offices of Brighton and Hove City Council which is currently being run by the Green Party. I will refrain from going off on a political rant and will simply say and state that I am not a fan of the way Brighton is being run at the moment. It's a wonderful place that's full of history and it deserves far better than what it's currently getting.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill

Thursday, 21 November 2013

In the Pink, 100 Church Street and Walk Alone

"In the Pink" :- Shot back in July when it was decidedly warmer than it is now. Late afternoon on the pier overlooking the famous seaside resort of Brighton. The place comes into its own when the suns out and weather's warm. Live bands play music outside the beach bars, the tables and benches are packed with drinkers soaking up the sun. The sound of the carousel organ drifts on the warm air and mixes with the sound of laughter and the cries of passing gulls. The odd car horn blasts in the background as a light aircraft flies overhead giving its passengers a bird's eye view of the town. It's a seriously busy place once you add some heat to it.

"100 Church Street" :- This doorway and entrance to a chartered accountants in Brighton (England) has always fascinated me. It looks so odd to have a large window with just a flight of stairs on the other side. There's very little to say what they actually do there other than a couple of company names and phone numbers on small plastic boards clipped to cables near the door. I have been meaning to take a shot of this place for some time and a few days ago I finally got my chance with it all lit up at night and nobody around.

"Walk Alone" :- This is a shot of the beach at Worthing on the south coast of England as seen from it's Art Deco pier. The wooden breakwaters (known as Groynes) were originally built west of Worthing by 1804 and the rest were added by 1810. Worthing is only 25ft above sea level so the erosion of the beach had to be held at bay as best they could so between 1819 and 1821 the esplanade was built. The groynes hugely aided the build up of shingle so Worthing's beautiful sandy beaches ended up being buried beneath a sea of pebbles. People moan about the pebbled beaches of Worthing and Brighton but if they weren't in place there'd be no beach at fact there'd be no Worthing or Brighton at all as the sea would have swallowed both by now.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill

Dark Timepieces

I have been busy over the last few days turning a few of my images from the "Prints of Darkness" collection into wall clocks and watches. They are truly unique looking timepieces that would look great on any wall or wrist. Below you can see the designs as wall clocks but they are all also available as wristwatches. If you click on the images below they will take you to their respective pages in my store.

Barb Clock
Beholder Clocks
Aegis Wall Clocks
Recoil Clock
Fired Wall Clock
Decay Wallclocks
Vertebrae Wall Clock
Mobius Wall Clocks
Taraxacum Wallclocks
Wisdom Clocks
Constrictor Wallclock
Purity Wallclock
Orbit Wall Clock
Hades Wall Clock
Refuge Wallclock
Alchemy Clocks
Placebo Wall Clocks
Essence Wall Clocks
The Watcher Wall Clock
The Cube Wallclock
Yin Yang Clock
Ripped Wallclocks
Malevolence Wall Clocks

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