Saturday, 16 November 2013

Beach Burn, Cracked & Bent and Le Magasin

"Beach Burn" :- This image is hot off the press as it was only shot late yesterday afternoon on Brighton beach (UK) and processed this morning. A November sky produced a very smoky and duky sun as it started to set just off the south coast. The tide had wandered off to reveal a shimmering and glistening stretch of sand which I felt obliged to walk along. The ruined frame of the old West Pier stood firm, holding court with its head held high.

"Cracked & Bent" :- A farm road, an old church wall with a crack in it and a bent iron girder. Not exactly sure quite what went on here but you can hazard a guess or two. My mind is telling me that someone wasn't looking where they were going in the tractor. Whatever it was I bet it made a loud bang! Anyway, this was shot in the village of Beddingham in the county of Sussex, England.

"Le Magasin" :- A restaurant in the town of Lewes sits quiet and closed up for the night. It's lights are on as if it were teasing you, telling you to have a closer look but that you cannot enter. The streets were empty as the weather had turned and a cold wind was blowing through along with the threat of heavy rain. Seizing the opportunity I grabbed my camera and ventured off into the darkness...

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill