Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Blue and Orange, Along the Wall and Temple Gardens

"Blue and Orange" :- This shot was taken way back in 2007 at Wat Saeng Thong in the village of Ban Dong, Omkoi, Northern Thailand. The temple is a focal gathering point for several villages in the area and it's location (Wat Saeng Thong) is in a very rural setting with mountains and fields forming its backdrop. I grew to love this temple as I visited it various times with family and villagers as well as danced into the night when it threw village parties and gatherings etc. Some of their low doorways can create a good headache the next day though!

"Along the Wall" :- Walled space. A thick salty smell that you could taste on your lips mixed with the gentle lapping of seawater and the distant cry of gulls on the south coast of England . It was another hazy and unusually warm day as I headed down to the beach by Brighton's Marina. I decided to stick to the gargantuan Eastern arm that offered protection on the other side and walked along for a little while, it was as I was doing this that I grabbed the shot.

"Temple Gardens " :- Up until recently I never realised why this stretch of road was called "Temple Gardens". The trees high up on the walled hill always fascinated me as a child and typo be perfectly honest still hold my attention and interest to this day. Nearby there's the private Brighton and Hove High School, an independent day school for girls aged 3 – 18 which was founded in 1876. Before it became a school it was the private residence of Thomas Read Kemp (1782 – 1844), a local landowner,property developer and politician and it was known as "The Temple". On a more fascinating note it was Thomas Read Kemp who dreamt up the idea and developed the Regency-style Kemp Town estate in Brighton on the south coast of England. What really intrigues me is that he fled Britain in 1837 to escape his creditors and died in Paris in 1844 and now resides in Père Lachaise Cemetery with Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Sarah Bernhardt, Maria Callas, Frédéric Chopin, Yves Montand and Camille Pissarro as his neighbours!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill