Sunday, 10 November 2013

Broken Grey, St Margaret's Wall and Hold Your Breath

"Broken Grey" :- No camera trickery or photoshop foolery going on with colour manipulation here, this is exactly how it looked to me at the time! I see so many images in shops and flowing through the FB & G+ streams that are black and white apart from one element that's purposely been picked out and left in colour and they drive me nuts. To me it's nothing more than an old art college trick that only students and amateurs play with thinking it looks cool. I don't think it does look cool ... I think it looks tacky and cheap and anything but professional but , like I said that is my opinion and thoughts on it and I do appreciate that others like that sort of thing and would probably strongly disagree with me. Anyway...moving on. I captured this image as it made me think of those sorts of pictures but loved the idea that I could replicate that sort of thing, approach and processing without actually having to do anything other than take the shot. Obviously there is more colour in the image than first meets the eye as the concrete is not completely grey as there are subtle blue shades lurking throughout and the metal door is also reflecting an early evening glow in the sky. It does make for a great looking unmanipulated colour image though.

"St Margaret's Wall" :- As the title suggests this is the outside wall of the church grounds of St Margaret's Church in the village of Ditchling in the Lewes District of Sussex, England. The church was founded in the 11th century is an Anglican church. Only the nave of the church is original as the rest of the building now stems from the 13th Century. The village of Ditchling itself dates back to Saxon times. Some famous residents of Ditchling include Raymond Briggs (illustrator, cartoonist, graphic novelist and author most famous for his "Fungus The Bogeyman" and "The Snowman" books), Herbie Flowers (musician and player of the famous Lou Reed "Walk on the Wild Side" bass line), Dame Vera Lynn (singer), Sir Donald Sinden (actor) and Jamie Theakston (TV and radio presenter).

"Hold Your Breath" :- A blue / grey sky reflects on a blue / grey beach with a streak of deep orange ripping along the horizon. Just the odd small cloud drifting by was lucky enough to catch the dying rays and warmth of the days sun before it was extinguished by the curvature of the Earth. I stood there transfixed, watching nature's display while the water came in gently, lapped around and the sand tried its best to suck the shoes off my feet. It was unnervingly still and quiet as I had the beach and my thoughts to myself. No interruptions. No distractions. Just nature...

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill