Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Cloister Window, Level Skatepark and Carnival Fun

"Cloister Window" :- I arrived in the city of Chichester (in West Sussex, England) reasonably late in the afternoon due to traffic etc. But then I discovered that I'd got there just at the right time of day in order to get this sort of shot. This is the southern wall of Chichester Cathedral as seen through one of the ancient stone windows that are set in the wall of its southern cloister. As I stood there capturing the shot I could almost feel the centuries of history flooding through the place and at the time found myself wondering who else had looked out at that very same view.

"Level Skatepark" :- Wet wood, wet concrete and a wet day down at the Level Skate Park in Brighton, England. Not a single skateboarder or BMX rider to be seen ... and I don't blame them either as it was miserable and the amenities in place for them were old, worn and pretty much non existent. However, that's now all changed and for the better. The park was closed to the public over the last year and everything in sight was wiped off the face of the earth or changed beyond recognition as "The Level" was given a new lease of life. On the whole it's a great improvement as the old skatepark has been grassed over and a new and vastly improved skatepark has been opened up in a different part of the park.

"Carnival Fun" :- Ah the joys of the annual Chiang Mai Flower Festival! I love this festival, it's held every February in the City of Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand and is such an explosion of colour, sights and sounds. It's also full of incredibly wonderful photo opportunities if you are brave enough to venture out into the parade itself (whilst showing respect at all times obviously). This Thai woman not only stopped so I could capture her image but also did a little curtsy at the same time which made it even better.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill