Friday, 15 November 2013

Constanța Apartments, Bleak Beach and Wild Garden

"Constanța Apartments" :- The alarm on my phone rudely shocked me into life from a deep sleep at 06:00 am. Bleary eyed I sat on the edge of the hotel bed patiently waiting for the rest of my body catch me up and wake up too. Then, much like a jigsaw puzzle my brain put together all the bits it needed to tell me I was in the Hotel Maria which was situated in Constanța on the shores of the Black Sea in Romania. Showered, dressed and trying my best to look like I was genuinely awake I drew the curtains to let in the day. This was the view that greeted me. An unappealing, blue / grey apartment block sat under a brooding, cloud filled sky. Nothing caught my attention or seemed worthy of a second glance. Just as I was about to turn and walk away the early morning sun managed to break through to my right (out of view) and it hit the upper half of the building. Reaching for my camera I took the shot...

"Bleak Beach" :- Cold, damp, chilly ...positively bleak. An icy looking English Channel reveals the empty beach for a while before turning around and heading back in. Large grey storm clouds threaten the front and Brighton, in the distance, braces itself for a night of driving rain and wind thus turning it into a typical English seaside resort.

"Wild Garden" :- Southover Grange in Lewes was built by William Newton ( a descendant of Sir Isaac Newton) in 1572. In the late 1700's George the Prince of Wales (who later became the Prince Regent and King George IV) often stayed there and Mrs Fitzherbert once accompanied the Prince on a visit to the Grange. The gardens to this grand house are extensive and have many very old trees within the grounds which are open to the public and free to walk around. One section near the rear has been left to grow wild and unkempt which attracts butterflies and insects. This was shot in that section.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill