Thursday, 28 November 2013

Dangerous Flight, Love Lucy and Wasteland

"Dangerous Flight" :- It always amazes me that you can fit in with rules and regulations that give you clearance to "Carry On" but at the same time make things twice as bad as they were beforehand. The human race has an aptitude for this kind of behaviour and it seems to be growing at an alarming rate with an influx of health and safety procedures that simply get in the way of general health and safety. What I have photographed here is a set of steps / stairs that lead to a back door of a hotel. I shall refrain from naming the establishment but anyone who's very familiar with Brighton can probably work out which one it is from the shot. The back door a fire escape which is one floor up from ground level so stairs had to be put in place to aid one's escape plan. Looking at the sate of these stairs I think there's clearly more chance of you killing yourself by breaking your neck slipping on these steps then there is of you dying from fire. Covered in slime and algae they have obviously not been looked at, maintained or cleaned for a very long time.

"Love Lucy" :- The Kings Road Arches run along the length of Brighton's lower promenade on the seafront. They were originally used to house large fishing boats during the 1800's and run from the Hove Boundary to the Palace Pier and beyond to what was once known as the Peter Pan playground. Since the 1980's the area had been given a new lease of life and many of the arches now house bars, nightclubs and various galleries and souvenir stores. This is a shot taken late at night on one of the slipway roads that lead down to the lower promenade. It shows a few of the old arches that are housed under the upper promenade that are now galleries.

"Wasteland" :- I have been itching to post this image of the remains of the West Pier for days as I am immensely proud of it. It was shot a couple of weeks ago on the 15th November 2013 at 16:45 pm during a very low tide on Brighton beach. The sunset had been stunning and after grabbing a few shots of it near Hove I walked back along the beach towards Brighton and the pier. The light was beginning to fade quite rapidly but it had given the seawater a ghostly neon blue sheen. I thought it was worth a try so I aimed the camera at it and clicked away. It was processed as a three exposure HDR (high dynamic range) image to bring out the detail and nothing more. I think she's stunning.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill