Thursday, 21 November 2013

Dark Timepieces

I have been busy over the last few days turning a few of my images from the "Prints of Darkness" collection into wall clocks and watches. They are truly unique looking timepieces that would look great on any wall or wrist. Below you can see the designs as wall clocks but they are all also available as wristwatches. If you click on the images below they will take you to their respective pages in my store.

Barb Clock
Beholder Clocks
Aegis Wall Clocks
Recoil Clock
Fired Wall Clock
Decay Wallclocks
Vertebrae Wall Clock
Mobius Wall Clocks
Taraxacum Wallclocks
Wisdom Clocks
Constrictor Wallclock
Purity Wallclock
Orbit Wall Clock
Hades Wall Clock
Refuge Wallclock
Alchemy Clocks
Placebo Wall Clocks
Essence Wall Clocks
The Watcher Wall Clock
The Cube Wallclock
Yin Yang Clock
Ripped Wallclocks
Malevolence Wall Clocks

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