Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Field Hut, Reach and Seaside Resort

"Field Hut" :- A traditional and very rural Thai hut / shelter built from tree trunks, bamboo and leaves. It's vital to have somewhere to shelter from the searing heat of the midday sun and the tropical downpours during the monsoon / rainy season. I used to love sitting around in these huts and grabbing a quick bite to eat with the family and villagers who were all helping to get the crops in. This was shot in Omkoi, a region still within Chiang Mai Province but high up in the mountains and well off the beaten tourist and travellers track. This is real Thailand.

"Reach" :- Shot back in March 2013 in stanmer Park , Brighton, England during a very cold period. You can still clearly see patches of snow on the ground and the air was crisp and clear giving everything a surreal sharpness. Stanmer Park is chock full of trees, some are ancient and old oaks, others are younger and not so grand but everywhere you look there are trees. It's such a beautiful and large park.

"Seaside Resort" :- With the sun setting in the West I turned to face the East so I could catch Brighton bathed in the pastel shades of the dying daylight. The sea had retreated some considerable distance revealing a wide expanse of wet sand which were reflecting the hues and colours of the late afternoon. As soon as the shot was taken I set off along the beach, slowly making my way back towards the bustling center of Brighton.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill