Saturday, 30 November 2013

Golden Seat, Silent Three and Home & Garden

"Golden Seat" :- A dusky and smoky sunset makes Hove promenade look as if it's been nicotine stained. The bench and old Victorian seating shelter are on the promenade by the Medina Groyne (also known locally as the "Hove Walkway"). There's a far greater feeling of space in Hove, the seafront gets wider and there are suddenly vast expanses of grassy lawns to relax on too. You can walk freely without bumping into someone, roller skaters can zip about without fear of colliding into anything and many dog walkers can give their respective pets a bit longer on the lead instead of having to hold them on a tight rein.

"Silent Three" :- A shot on a cold and chilly day in the churchyard of St Wulfran's in the historical village of Ovingdean on the south coast of England. The Church is 11th Century and the village is listed (and has two entries) in the Domesday book which was compiled and written in 1086 so we know it's well over 900 years old. Beyond the wall there is opensky and fields but the view in Medieval times would have been far different. Remains of an old large manor house were found when archaeologists explored the area beyond the wall along with evidence that they were farming Oysters at the time.

"Home & Garden" :- Brighton's lower promenade is a fascinating place to walk around. During the 1800's it was filled with fishing boats, piles of lobster pots and nets being repaired. The arches that delved under the upper road housed the large wooden boats that the fishermen would risk their lives on daily. I remember the area clearly in the 1980's, it was run down and dilapidated and a place where you wouldn't really want to find yourself by day and especially not at night. It's now a different story as cafes, bars and nightclubs rub shoulders with souvenir shops and art galleries. This store was about to close up for the night just as someone decided to go in for a browse around. I loved all the different shades and lighting so grabbed the shot.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill