Thursday, 21 November 2013

In the Pink, 100 Church Street and Walk Alone

"In the Pink" :- Shot back in July when it was decidedly warmer than it is now. Late afternoon on the pier overlooking the famous seaside resort of Brighton. The place comes into its own when the suns out and weather's warm. Live bands play music outside the beach bars, the tables and benches are packed with drinkers soaking up the sun. The sound of the carousel organ drifts on the warm air and mixes with the sound of laughter and the cries of passing gulls. The odd car horn blasts in the background as a light aircraft flies overhead giving its passengers a bird's eye view of the town. It's a seriously busy place once you add some heat to it.

"100 Church Street" :- This doorway and entrance to a chartered accountants in Brighton (England) has always fascinated me. It looks so odd to have a large window with just a flight of stairs on the other side. There's very little to say what they actually do there other than a couple of company names and phone numbers on small plastic boards clipped to cables near the door. I have been meaning to take a shot of this place for some time and a few days ago I finally got my chance with it all lit up at night and nobody around.

"Walk Alone" :- This is a shot of the beach at Worthing on the south coast of England as seen from it's Art Deco pier. The wooden breakwaters (known as Groynes) were originally built west of Worthing by 1804 and the rest were added by 1810. Worthing is only 25ft above sea level so the erosion of the beach had to be held at bay as best they could so between 1819 and 1821 the esplanade was built. The groynes hugely aided the build up of shingle so Worthing's beautiful sandy beaches ended up being buried beneath a sea of pebbles. People moan about the pebbled beaches of Worthing and Brighton but if they weren't in place there'd be no beach at fact there'd be no Worthing or Brighton at all as the sea would have swallowed both by now.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill