Friday, 22 November 2013

Incoming Storm, A Victorian Delight and Not Just Green

"Incoming Storm" :- An awesome wall of cloud approaches the coast of England. Filled with menace you could hear it rumbling and moaning as it got nearer. The wind picked up and started to bite at my face, my fingers already numbing as I tried to get the shot. The sun was already setting in the West so it managed to light up the larger cloud in the distance which made a dramatic contrast with the darker more malevolent ones that were closer.

"A Victorian Delight" :- I have to be honest and admit to you all that I am absolutely delighted with this shot and the way that I chose to process it. I couldn't have wished for a better outcome. The image has a real 1930's or 1940's feel about it and makes me think of the old classic black and white films like The Third Man, The Thirty Nine Steps and of course Brighton Rock. It also makes me think a lot of the old gelatin silver printing process used in photography from the 1880s until the 1960s. Anyway, the colours were magnificent on the night as I stood by the pier on Brighton beach at low tide and I very nearly processed the image as a colour shot but the black and white approach was too strong to resist. There's a real timeless beauty about the pier when she looks like this.

"Not Just Green" :- Hove seafront and promenade is vastly different from that of Brighton's. It's much wider and further away from the road, it has less people wandering around aimlessly on it and it also has it's wonderful, colourful beach huts. The title of the image refers not only to the doors of the huts but also to the large ominous looking building that's behind them. That's the HQ and offices of Brighton and Hove City Council which is currently being run by the Green Party. I will refrain from going off on a political rant and will simply say and state that I am not a fan of the way Brighton is being run at the moment. It's a wonderful place that's full of history and it deserves far better than what it's currently getting.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill