Monday, 18 November 2013

Medina Silhouette, Tongue Tied and Grey Bays

"Medina Silhouette" :- Right time and right place as the elements and mother nature all came together so I could grab this shot and image. The huge chained breakwater is known as the "Medina Groyne" and it stands on Hove seafront on the south coast of England. Apparently the first concrete groyne was built in Brighton in 1867 near East Street. The sea wall that stretches from the Medina Lawns to Hove Street was built in 1895 so I am guessing that the "Medina Groyne" was constructed somewhere around the same time in the late 1800's.

"Tongue Tied" :- Twisted, dried and looking like it's totally lifeless. This is one of the plants that grows up the wall of our house. I liked the play of light on it so took the shot knowing that it would look great if it was processed as a black and white image. Not much else to say about it really other than right now it's full of life and greenery and looks nothing like this at all.

"Grey Bays" :- Hard and colourless. The trappings of modern living seem to be designed to suck all life out of you . Having said that it is a car park and it does exactly what it's designed to do without fuss or needless expense. Why paint it up in bright, happy colours just so someone can pull up, turn the engine off and wander off without giving anything a second glance. I do give things second glances (third and fourth glances sometimes too) and love the angles and visuals that most things give off if you look at them right. Ok so this is just level 7 of the car park at Brighton Marina but it could easily be part of the Death Star's holding bay. Strategically place a couple of stormtroopers in shot and you'd almost be there. It's all about how you look at things...

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill